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Post by Guest on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:58 pm

Assalaamu Alaikum

My kids are not yet at an age where they can prepare even simple foods themselves, but I have 4 teenaged brothers who due to my mother's blindness often have to make their own desserts when the sweet-tooth comes biting.
One easy to make recipe that will satisfy any sweet craving is the following pan-cake mixture (the thin one not the thicker fritter kinds,some call them crepes I think) :


1) 1 cup of cake flour
2) a pinch of salt
3) a half teaspoon of baking powder
4) 1 big egg
5) 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of melted butter or oil
6) 2 cups of milk or a mixture of milk and water


1) Sift dry ingredients together.
2) Beat together the liquid ingredients and add to the dry.
3) Mix well. The batter should be fairly runny though not watery.
Alternatively, just chuck all the ingredients in a blender/food processor and give it a whirl.
4) Grease a pan and get it well heated.
5) Pour batter thinly in the pan making it as round and big as you choose.
6) Cook both sides till done, then fill it with honey, jam, cinnamon sugar or whatever takes your fancy.


To be quite honest,even though mixing the batter is easy enough, it took lots of practice for me to cook a pancake without messing it up (it used to break or stick to the pan,and I definitely don't know the flipping technique, so I just turn it over with an egg-lifter/spatula). I think everyone should know their stoves and its heat settings and the pan that you're baking it in and it all takes proper timing.
So experiment along until you get it just right, but don't worry, just sprinkle that flops with honey or flavoured sugar and they'll taste just as great! There'll be no wasting. Guaranteed!!! star3 flower3

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Post by Zaza on Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:14 pm

As Salamu Alaikum

Yummy Masha Allah.

I haven't had them for ages. I also can't flip them and use a spatula. Neutral

Thanks for the reminder tea-n-cookies

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