Healthy frozen peanut butter bar!

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Healthy frozen peanut butter bar!  Empty Healthy frozen peanut butter bar!

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:28 am

2 tbls of peanut butter of choice
1/8 cup of milk to thin out the peanut butter you could use up to 1/4 cup it will make the taste not as strong though

Mix the peanut butter and milk together well then place in a banana bread pan lined with wax paper or tinfoil. Put into the freezer for a few hours before eating and keep in the freezer.

I use peanut butter with nothing added all natural with nuts yumm. I love peanut butter so much I use it as a dipping sauce for carrots or just dip in the jar with a spoon and eat it lol.

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