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Kitchen gadgets! Empty Kitchen gadgets!

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:14 pm

As salaamu alay kum sisters,

kitchen machines and gadgets you have? One you use a lot? Ones you barley ever use? And ones you want to have in the future.

Ones I have......

Blender/ I use it a lot to make smoothies
food processor/ use sometimes I really like it
plug in grill/ I barley ever use it its old and doesn't work to well
coffee maker/ use a lot for my husbands coffee
tea kettle/ use the most everyday and love it
slow cooker/ don't use to much
I did have a mini kitchen chopper for years it just recently broke I used it a lot

wooden skewers
big and small soup ladle
basic big metal spoons for cooking and serving 1 plastic one I love to cook with
pie server/ barely ever use
pizza cutter/ barley ever use
2 silicone pastry brushes/ use the odd time
rolling pin/ use sometimes I love it to
can opener/ use a lot
vegetable peeler/ use a lot
kitchen knives set/ use all the time
potato masher/ use sometimes
tongs/ use sometimes I like them
cheese grater with different sizes one is really small so I use it as a micro plane for garlic/ginger
measuring cups/ use all the time
1 funnel/ barley use
a small mortar and pastel

I thought about getting a hand blender for baking but I don't really bake to often and I do fine with a whisk/ fork.

I want to get a wok one day a stainless steal one I don't want to get anymore non stick I read it is not healthy at all.


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