Vegetable Soup (Minestrone Style)

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Vegetable Soup (Minestrone Style) Empty Vegetable Soup (Minestrone Style)

Post by Aisha on Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:49 am


Vegetable Soup (Minestrone Style)

1 Potato
1 – 2 Carrots or some Pumpkin or both
1 Courgette
1 Onion
1 - 2 Tomatoes (peeled, seeded & chopped)
1 stick Celery (optional)
½ Cup Peas (optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste
A little Tomato puree / paste (1 tablespoon)
Macaroni or any small pasta pieces approx 1/2 cup
Virgin Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
Chopped parsley (optional) or Marjoram
Enough water to cover and some more smile.gif

Clean and dice all the vegetables and boil all ingredients together until vegetables are tender and the pasta is cooked.

Alternatively - fry the onion in the oil until slightly golden then add the tomato paste and chopped tomatoes and fry a little longer, then add the rest of the ingredients and boil as above.

Can be served with a little parmesan cheese sprinkled over.

WaSalaamu alaikum
Vegetable Soup (Minestrone Style) Flower10AishaVegetable Soup (Minestrone Style) Flower10

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