spinach and yogurt soup

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spinach and yogurt soup Empty spinach and yogurt soup

Post by Guest on Thu May 07, 2009 4:06 am


This is my favourite meal as well as my kids,inchAllah you will also like it:

-1 oignon
-2 little parts of garlic
-olive oil
-half a glass of rice
-500g of frozen spinach(if you use fresh ones you might need a bit more 750g)
-2 litres of water
-500g of natural yogurt

-cut the oignons in dice and fry it in a little bit of oil with salt and pepper
-mash garlic and add to the oignons
-while this is frying whash and cut very small the spinach
-add the spinach to the oignons
-add 2 litres of water
-add the rice
-cook it around 15/20 minutes
-turn off the fire and add the yogurt(this is very important that you turn off the fire otherwise the yogurt will dislocate!!!)
-you can eat it like this or blend it if you prefer

Enjoy inchAllah

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