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Microwave Porridge Oats Empty Microwave Porridge Oats

Post by Aisha on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:26 am


This is a quick and healthy breakfast at any time of the year and no sticky saucepans to wash either! You can add fruit, fresh or dried or some nuts perhaps Very Happy

Per single serving:

2 tablespoons of quick-cooking oats
Enough milk to cover and a little more (approx 150ml - 200ml)
A dish suitable for use in the microwave
Honey to taste

Put the oats in the dish and cover with milk, put in the microwave and cook on high power for 60 - 90 seconds or until oats start to thicken and bubble up the sides of the dish. The starting temperature of the milk and the amount used will determine the cooking time. Stir and allow to cool a minute or two. Add a little more milk and sweeten with honey if you like.

I sometimes pour a little boiling water from the kettle over the oats before adding the milk but I prefer the creamier taste of all milk (full-cream 3% fat).

WaSalaamu alaikum
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Microwave Porridge Oats Empty Re: Microwave Porridge Oats

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:49 pm

Wa alay kuma salaam wa rahamatulahe wa barakatu,

I love oats yummmm yes I do the same with the kettle but I don't use any milk. Its so easy and tastes great to me I like it simple and quick less dished used up to.


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