Jumu'ah Nasiha - The Importance of Recreation & It’s Precepts

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Jumu'ah Nasiha - The Importance of Recreation & It’s Precepts

Post by Zaza on Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:05 pm

Don't forget to click on the Full Reading link to read the Jumu’ah Khutbah
We selected for this week.

Yawm Al-Jumu’ah starts from Maghrib (sunset) on Thursday till the end of Asr on Friday.

Audio Recitation by: Sheikh Salah Bukhatir

Click on the radio to listen to the recitation.

This week’s Selection

The Importance of Recreation & It’s Precepts
Abdul Baari Ath-Thubayti


1)     Comprehensiveness of Islaam.

2)     Benefits of Entertainment.

3)     Misconception regarding entertainment.

4)     Entertainment according to the Salaf.

5)     The corruption in present time entertainment.

6)     The limits for allowed entertainment in Islaam.

7)     The humor of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam  .

8)     Humor does not contradict servitude.

9)     The problem resulting from free time, and how to utilize it.


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